I’ve been a fan of Miguel since the appropriately titled, Art Dealer Chic.  Listening to Miguel feels like a stroll through Le Louvre or the transformation of a blank canvas into Starry Night. I imagine that if Picasso or Michaelangelo were alive, they would listen to “Kaleidoscope Dream” or “Candles in the Sun” whilst embarking on their own artistic endeavors.  His music personifies the artistic experience. Hence my excitement to learn that he would perform his latest album, Wildheart, at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  This being my second time seeing him perform live, I knew to expect an amazing show, and he did not disappoint! Once I overcame the oddness of being in a cemetery, (Hollywood Forever is a venue I had subconsciously/consciously avoided since moving to LA), I was completely in a trance. As the avid, overzealous fan that I am, I forced myself to the front of the sweaty, moshpit impervious to the threats and shoves from other equally avid – yet less persistent – fans.  My friends weren’t as brave crazy as I were, so they relaxed on the comfort of blankets further back on the lawn.  Not me. I’ve always been an overachiever.   Thus my incredible view of the greatness that is Miguel.  Cameo performances by Snoop Dog (Lion?), Kurupt, and the always electrifying Kendrick Lamar were the icing on the cake. If you aren’t familiar with Miguel or his new album, do yourself a favor and become acquainted.  Thank me later!

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