Code Black

I had the insane experience of guest starring on Code Black Episode 213 “Unfinished Business” as Lola. Working with Rob Lowe who I fell in love with on “West Wing” and the mesmerizing Marcia Gay Harden […]


This summer, after completing the very visceral (and SSOO fulfilling) “Agnes of God,” I desperately wanted to return to comedy and decided to revisit this web series idea I had back in 2014. Long story […]

Winner of the 2016 Desert Star Awards!!

I am so honored to announce that I am the recipient of the 2016 Desert Star Award for Outstanding Actress in a Professional Drama for Agnes in “Agnes of God.” I’m so beyond thankful to have […]


I’ve been a fan of Miguel since the appropriately titled, Art Dealer Chic.  Listening to Miguel feels like a stroll through Le Louvre or the transformation of a blank canvas into Starry Night. I imagine that if Picasso […]

My epic photo shoot!

I had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing Elton Anderson! He’s photographed all of your favorite people – Margot Robbie, Cedric the Entertainer, Sanaa Lathan, Kendrick Lamar, Britt Adams…*big-faced wink*.  We shot on the […]

Current obsession: James Davis

Earlier this summer, thanks to my new Apple TV (old and current obsession), I was introduced to James Davis’ song “On Me”.  Instantly addicting, “On Me”displays the trio’s soulful mix of harmonious goodness.  It’s sound […]


I’m full of thoughts and ideas and moments that are share-worthy (at least I think so), but I’m not an avid social media-er.  Not that I don’t appreciate being social, it’s the media part that […]