My obsession for all things art began at the early age of three when I pleasantly/annoyingly started entertaining any bystanders with my random song outbursts and scene reenactments. Even a speech impediment that made my Ls sound like Ws couldn’t hinder my public performances (don’t worry, the impediment has since been resolved). I finally found a home for my misunderstood & wildly unappreciated energy in the theatre. After 15 plus years of doing both community theatre and tours, I moved from my hometown of Raleigh, NC to Los Angeles, fulfilling a dream I’d had since sixth grade.  Since arriving in Los Angeles, I have further strengthened my talent and distinguished myself with an incredible range, excelling in both comedy and drama. I’ve studied at such esteemed places as Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), Margie Haber studio, and with the legendary Larry Moss.  Most recently, I starred as Agnes in Agnes of God at the Annenberg Theater and received rave reviews!  For my performance as Agnes, I won the Desert Theatre League’s “2016 Outstanding Actress in a Professional Drama” award! And to think, I thought it was a comedy. Oh well… Guess I was dramatic!

My art obsession tied with my intolerance for boredom causes me to constantly seek expression avenues through film/tv, theatre,  music, and fashion.   A multifaceted talent, I am currently producing and writing several projects, recording music, and continuing to shine on both stage and screen. I am an artist. It’s a gift and a curse, but mostly…a blessing!

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“Adams as Agnes is so mesmerizing with her ability to control her emotions. She fits the innocence of Agnes like a glove, but as the play progresses, she is called upon to confess a series of gut-wrenching events.  She is a find as an actress and should go far in this business. Watch out for Britt Adams!“
Don Grigware — Broadway World

“Britt Adams as Agnes is exceptional.“
Mike Napoli — Performing Arts LIVE

“Britt Adams is mesmerizing.“
Jack Lyons — Desert Local News


“Agnes of God was the best thing I’ve seen in many a day!“
Bill Lithgow


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